i only slept like 3 hrs last night and now i cant sleep again and my heart is pounding idk if im gonna go to class in the morning. im so overwhelmed and stressed rn.

personal anxiety cw


They’ve got a UFO here, I’m sure of it. And they’ll do anything to keep it a secret, including sacrificing lives and minds of those pilots, because what if that secret got out.

txf baby agents cries


Next on Once Upon a Time : Winnie the Pooh is evil, and he’s actually Charming’s grandfather. 

fffffuck its true ouat

"I’m not very glamorous." - Freema Agyeman (Sure, Freema. Sure)

she is so pretty freema agyeman


Steal His Look: guy who still hasn’t found his berries

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick #27 in Fuchsia Innocent: $40.61
Gucci Soft Black Precise Sculpting Brow Pencil: $32
A lei: $3.00
An orange : $0.69

MAH BERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!

play this scene at my funeral tbh otp: and then there's you in the flesh
fav mutual: [likes one post i made]
me: what are we



only seen three episodes of the x files, burning gay passion for dana scully

this is how it starts..... txf dana scully
Anonymous What do you want?

it’s all gillian tho

my oNE TRU

Anonymous reply


skipping class to catch up on homework for other classes

too real

changed my sb gif

i’m so fucking gay…………..

personal guys........


"I… I love you.”

f UCK OFF :(((( otp: i believe in her ten doctor who

I find myself thinking not of clues or of evidence, but of the contents of her smile.

twin peaks cooper x audrey agent cooper audrey horne twinpeaksedit mine: twin peaks WHY @KYLE MACLACHLAN WHY @DAVID LYNCH WHY @GOD WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

w AHT THE F UCK UNREAL dana scully txf

i have a paper due tomorrow and a project due in two hours but i have accepted that i will be losing points for turning my project in late.

biclaras urghhhhhhhhh i havent even started any math work at all